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Grievance Redressal Policy ver.1.0


  • Dashboard Account Aggregation Services Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) believes that providing prompt and efficient service to its customers is essential.
  • The Company has formulated this Grievance Redressal Policy (“Policy”) in compliance with Master Direction on Non-Banking Financial Company – Account Aggregator (Reserve Bank) Directions, 2016 dated September 02, 2016
  • This Policy (“Policy”) sets out the procedure for receiving, registering and disposing of the complaints and grievances of the Customers with respect to the products and services of the Company (“Complaints”).
  • This policy document aims at minimizing instances of customer complaints and grievances through proper service delivery and review mechanism and to ensure prompt Redressal of any customer complaints and grievances that may arise despite this.
  • This policy on grievance Redressal follows the under noted principles.
  • Customers to be treated fairly at all times.
  • Complaints raised by customers are dealt with courtesy and without undue delay.
  • Customers are fully informed of avenues to escalate their complaints/grievances within the organization and their rights to alternative remedy, if they are not fully satisfied with the response of the company to their complaints.
  • All complaints to be dealt with efficiently and fairly as otherwise they can damage the Company’s reputation and business.
  • The Company’s employees would work in good faith and without prejudice to the interests of the customer

Process of filing Grievances and Escalation

The Customers who have any Complaint, can follow the following process for its redressal:
  • Register the Complaint in a complaint register / complaint box, which is availableat the corporate office of the Company following address
Dashboard Account Aggregation Services Private Limited, Workafella, New No. 431, Teynampet, Anna Salai Chennai – 600018
  • Email at 
  • Call on 
+91 78451 48999
  • Write to the Company at the below mentioned address:
Kind Attention: Customer Service Team Dashboard Account Aggregation Services Private Limited, Workafella, New No. 431, Teynampet, Anna Salai Chennai – 600018


If Customer is not satisfied with the resolution provided by customer service team of the company OR no response is received within 10 days, the customer could write to Customer Grievance Redressal Officer at

Customer Grievance Redressal Officer
Dashboard Account Aggregation Services Private Limited,
Workafella, New No. 431, Teynampet, Anna Salai
Chennai – 600018

Or call at

+91 78451 48999

Or send an email to:


The company will respond within 7 days from the date of receipt of such escalation.

Appeal to Reserve Bank of India

In case, complaints of the Customer is not satisfied with the response or the resolution provided to it or the Complaint is still not resolved within the period of one month from the date of the Complaint, the Customer may appeal to Reserve Bank of India.


  • The Company shall display the following information prominently, for the benefit of customers, on the website and at the places of business:
  • The name and contact details (Telephone / Mobile nos. as also email address) of the Grievance Redressal Officer (GRO) who can be approached by the public for resolution of complaints against the company.
  • A Statement that if the complaint / dispute is not redressed within a period of one month, the customer may appeal to the Reserve Bank of India.
  • As per the Consent Architecture for retrieval, sharing or transfer of financial information, at the time of obtaining consent from the Customer, the Company will inform the customer, his right to file complaints with relevant authorities in case of non-redressal of grievances.

Redressal Process:

  • The Customers are advised to file the Complaint by furnishing complete details of the same to the Company.
  • Upon receipt of the Complaint by the Company, the acknowledgement along with acomplaint identification number and the details of the designated officer, who will bedealing with the Complaint, shall be provided to the Customer within 3 (Three) workingdays from the date of receipt of such Complaint.
  • The Company shall provide the necessary clarification / justification with respect to the Complaint, to the satisfaction of the Customer and take all appropriate measures to resolve the Complaint within one month from the date of receipt of such Complaint.
  • In case any additional time is required for resolution of the Complaint, the Company shallinform the Customer about the requirement of such additional time along with the expected timelines for the resolution of such Complaint.


Notwithstanding anything contained in this Policy, the Company shall ensure compliance withany additional requirements as may be prescribed under any laws/regulations either existing or arising out of any amendment to such laws/regulations or otherwise and applicable to the Company from time to time.


  • This Policy is subject to review by the board of directors of the Company as and whendeemed necessary.
  • This Policy shall be subject to the applicable laws including but not limited to the rules,regulations, guidelines, directives and instructions issued by the RBI, from time to time and shall supersede the earlier version of the Policy.
  •  Any change/amendment in applicable laws with regard to maintenance of an appropriate grievance redressal mechanism shall be deemed to be incorporated in this Policy by reference and this Policy shall be deemed to have been amended and revised accordingly

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