Put yourself in the driver’s seat of
your financial information

What is Saafe?

Why Struggle with a Jigsaw Puzzle When You can Have an Instant Snapshot View and Control of Financial Information

Financial information is typically fragmented and unclear across disparate systems. This is problematic for users, consumers and providers. Saafe, a one-stop solution licensed by RBI, shifts financial information to light speed overcoming the typical challenges to all players in this eco-system. It empowers users, consumers and providers through swift, user-friendly sharing of financial information that is consent-based and completely secure. Harness the power of financial information to improve personal finances, finance management, access to credit, assessing the creditworthiness of users and so much more.

Comprehensive visibility of reliable, up-to-date information that is machine readable and stays secure at every stage is a game-changer. Seamless access and workflows offer a next-gen experience, putting users in the driver’s seat to make optimal decisions for their finances. Harness the power of all your financial information with the highest level of data integrity and security with Saafe, your trusted partner for managing financial information.


Swift, Seamless Experiences
Panoramic Visibility or Holistic Visibility
Consent-based Control
Airtight Security
High Scalability
Smart Support
Universally Accessible
Up-to-date Compliance
No training needed. The solution is intuitive and user-friendly so you can get started immediately.
No more delays, silos or uncertainty. Rapid, smooth workflows that cut through the red tape and accelerate decision-making so you can optimize your credit and finances.
An instant snapshot view of all your financial information through a single, convenient solution gives you clear insight into your finances.
Complete control over who has access to your financial information based on users granting consent or rejecting requests.
Keep financial information secure at every stage with encryption. Your data is never stored at external locations; access is securely shared.
Scale on-demand. Handle any number of requests with ease across various providers, consumers and users. No legacy technology limitations.
Intelligent robo-support to user, provider and consumer queries resolves issues in no time.
Access the solution and your financial information anytime, anywhere from any device via the web or mobile versions.
Lower TCO thanks to interoperable technology that bridges tech-ecosystems and silos.
Assured compliance with the latest regulations and standards keeps all operations and transactions above board.

Harness Saafe for state-of-the art, streamlined management of your financial information