Harness Saafe for state-of-the art, streamlined
management of your financial information


Financial information providers can leverage powerful, unified visibility using Saafe , a financial aggregator licensed by RBI. This empowers their customers and users to take control of managing and sharing their financial information. Information that is fragmented across multiple systems and providers is easily available through Saafe’s web and mobile applications. No more confusion, hassles, delays and paperwork. Enjoy instant on-demand visibility of up-to-date, accurate information with consent-based sharing through a one-stop solution.


Powerful, unified visibility
Consent-Based Sharing​
Airtight Security​
Up-to-date, real-time information
Access anytime, anywhere
Streamline personal finance & wealth management
Swift workflows and transactions
Consolidate financial information from disparate systems into a powerful snapshot view that expedites operations and decision-making.
Providers only share users’ financial information if they consent to when financial institutions use Networth360’s APIs to place requests for information. This keeps users in control of managing their financial information.
Financial information is kept secure every step of the way, with encryption. Networth360 does not store or analyze data on our servers so it is never at risk of falling into the wrong hands.
The latest financial information is always up-to-date and available in near real-time.
This holistic view is accessible 24×7 from any device by using the web application or mobile application.
Providers can streamline information enabling users and consumers to optimize their personal finances and enhance their wealth management by leveraging their financial information with ease.
Accelerate workflows and transactions with a one-stop, digitized solution that cuts through all the red tape, delays and paperwork of legacy technology and systems.

Harness Saafe for state-of-the art, streamlined management of your financial information