Put yourself in the driver’s seat of
your financial information


Users can maximize the power of their financial information with a streamlined, secure solution that provides a unified view of all their financial asset information. No more delays, paperwork and uncertainty with fragmented information across disparate systems. One solution for a convenient, accessible view of all their savings, mutual funds, FDs, insurance, income tax returns, investments and so on. Saafe puts you in the driver’s seat of your financial information with a clear up-to-date view and total control over granting consent to access this information. You can steer your finances with this state-of-the-art control and visibility to optimize your finances.

Seamless, integrated visibility

One view of all financial information at your fingertips, seamlessly consolidated across asset classes.

Up-to-date, real-time information

Your latest financial information is always up-to-date* and available in real-time.

Access anytime, anywhere

Accessible 24×7 using our user-friendly state of the art web/mobile (both Android & IOS) application.

Military grade Security

End-to-end encryption of data flow between financial institutions and the application
Financial information is kept secure every step of the way with 256-bit base 64 encoded nonce. Saafe does not store or analyze data in our servers so it is never at risk of falling into the wrong hands.

Secure, consent-based sharing

Users can control the digital sharing of their financial information based on their consent. Grant or deny consent as you choose. You can review consents for the accounts, the tenure, frequency and the receiver of your information. You can even revoke consent to one or all bank accounts at a later stage which will invoke all consents provided to the financial institution.

Optimize personal finance & wealth management

You can optimize your personal finances and enhance your wealth management by leveraging automatic real-time feeds from your bank, mutual funds, insurance, GSTIN and PFRDA.

No more delays and paperwork

Reduce the time taken for loan and other credit approvals by sharing all financial asset information seamlessly and securely to the service provider thereby moving away from paperwork of legacy technology and systems.

Harness Saafe for state-of-the art, streamlined management of your financial information