Streamlined, secure management
of your financial information

Why us ?

Our all-in-one solution simplifies your financial information. Whether you are a user, provider or consumer of financial information, Saafe’s collates financial information providing a 360°degree view of your financial information at a glance. This panoramic visibility empowers and protects all parties through every transaction. It accelerates personal finance management, wealth management and flow –based credit by eliminating fragmented information and delays while assuring complete security.

As industry veterans with the requisite NBFC-AA license from RBI, you’ll be in good hands with us. Open a new world of possibilities for your finance management and credit options with our convenient, hassle-free solution.


Smooth, hassle-free workflows for all your financial information eliminate delays and errors.

Real-time visibility

Instant insight into your financial information anytime, anywhere.

Airtight security

Keep financial information encrypted and secure at every step.

Single source of truth

No need to check multiple and fragmented data sources across different systems.


User-friendly and highly accessible solution caters to all your financial information requirements.


No more piles of paperwork and forms when it comes to ascertaining your financial position.


You’re always in control of who sees your financial information.

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